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Cholula is considered the oldest city in America that has been populated uninterruptedly since its beginnings.
Here is the Franciscan Exconvent of San Gabriel, one of the oldest in America.
Both are erected in the company of the Popocatepetl volcano, as if wanting to reach that snowy giant. Not to mention the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, the church with its domes covered with tiles that the Spanish built in the 16th century. They placed it just above the Great Pyramid, the base that looks more like a hill than an archaeological site.
Underneath, the days come and go, the people, the everyday life.
When you visit this Magical Town you can explore the Great Pyramid and walk through its maze of tunnels or along its outer paths.

With the passages of the market your eyes will enjoy a brilliant blue carefully worked in the fine talavera tiles that preserves the working techniques of the 16th century applied to contemporary designs.
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Historical Center of Puebla
It is one of the best examples of Hispanic urban planning in the New World between the 16th and 19th centuries and of its enormous architectural beauty. It is undoubtedly one of the richest and most exquisite historical centers of the American continent.
It has an exceptional beauty that blends in harmony as an urban whole, which derives from its general magnificence, its reticular line of Renaissance style and the use of certain typical architectural elements such as the petatillo (brick surfaces that seem to be intertwined) and the talavera.
The historical center also stands out for the enormous number of individual architectural works, most of them colonial and baroque in style, such as churches like La Compañía, Santo Domingo or San Francisco, old convents like Santa Rosa and Santa Mónica, the 1760 Main Theater, El Barrio del Artista, the Plazuela de los Sapos and its excellent main square or Zócalo.

There are three great monuments of baroque airs that represent the poblano art: the Cathedral, one of the most beautiful of America, the Palafoxian Library and the impressive Chapel of the Rosary inside the Temple of Santo Domingo.

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Modern Puebla
The Museum Complex of Mexican Constancy is today the headquarters of the Children's Museum, the House of Music of Vienna, the House of the Mexican Puppet Marionettes, the Museum of Mexican Music "Rafael Tovar y de Teresa", the Juan C. Méndez Photo Library, the Vicente Teodulo Mendoza Sound Library and the Automobile Museum of Puebla, as well as the Paseo de Gigantes Park. It is a project that was born from the need to create an integral space for culture.
The building has an important historical and architectural value, related to the origins of industrialization in the country. The main objective of this complex is to link society with culture, promoting interest and access to knowledge, so that education is encouraged through the enormous historical wealth and traditions.

The automobile museum is a new space that has three permanent rooms where various iconic automobiles of the brands that are an important part of the history of Puebla's automotive industry are exhibited.
The museum also has a temporary exhibition hall in which some of the first automobiles produced by the automotive industry are currently on display.

The Automobile Museum traces the history of luxury cars, old and modern, and by exhibiting German models, this site has become the first to host this type of exhibition outside of that country.

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Mezcal in Puebla
Four years after Puebla received the Denomination of Origin of Mezcal, the state is in second place nationally in terms of production, with 3.5 percent of the volume, only behind Oaxaca, so that currently 45 brands have been formed, which have managed to export to the European Union and the United States, mainly, and produce 339 thousand liters annually.
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Beer in Puebla
Puebla is a sea of possibilities when it comes to flavors. And in the case of beer, this state has a whole arsenal ready to defend itself from every beer taster in search of new talent. Leave for a moment your usual brand and dare to try new flavors with these beers from Puebla that perhaps you did not know.
Take advantage of your stay and take a guided tour of a brewery and beer tasting.
With almost 500 years of history, Puebla preserves hundreds of corners with secrets that are waiting to be told. The canteens of this city offer great hospitality, family atmosphere and excellent drinks with which you will spend an excellent time if you go with company, but also works if you venture to go alone and create community. Take advantage of your visit to Expo Transportation 2022 and know the range of canteens that Puebla has for you.
The gastronomy of Puebla is internationally recognized for its flavor, variety and history. It is the result of the fusion of the culinary tradition of Mexican origin (prior to the colonial period) and the influences of Spanish, French and Arabic cuisine. Each one of them contributed not only ingredients -such as the, tomato, onion, oil-, but also utensils and processes that enriched the culinary offer of the state and considered one of the most representative of Mexico.
Puebla's geographic location was a decisive factor in defining the most characteristic features of its cuisine. Another characteristic that distinguishes Puebla's cuisine is its wide and varied offer of typical breads and candies.

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Secret Tunnels
Would you like to travel in time? Puebla invites you to enter its inner self to marvel at its secrets, spun through the subway water ducts that gave life to the city, founded in 1531 by the Franciscans. The sound of the leaks that filter through the turns breaks the silence of these archaic tunnels. It was believed that they were an urban legend, one of those that have been passed on from generation to generation, increasing their mystery. They were finally discovered some years ago, during excavations to renew the pipelines. Take these tours and live part of Mexico's history.
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